Technion Housing

Technion Housing, Haifa

Type: residential-public
Client: Technion, Haifa
Size: 200 residential units + community center
Status: planning only

Third place in the 2003 competition to plan the Technion Housing in Haifa. In cooperation with Arbejazz Architects.
Reached the final stage of the competition to plan the Technion Housing complex, competed alongside Arbejazz Architects.
The housing complex included approximately 200 residential units and a community center building.
One of the main problems of modern society is the accelerated urbanization process that diminishes open spaces. The dilemma between the will to preserve open spaces and the need for further construction accompanied the planning from its very beginning.
Planning the complex on the slope of the Wadi was an opportunity to create architecture that blends with the topography while preserving its natural attributes.


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