Tifrei north east Neve Tzedek

Tifrei north east Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv

Type: residential, public, commercial and open public spaces.
Client: Tel Aviv municipality
Size: 38,000 square meters
Status: Urban planning – in process

Approximately 38 dunams delineated by Elchanan St. in the north, this street is part of the future Shlavim route connecting the south of the city to Rothschild Boulevard.
In the east the compound is delineated by Hashhar and Hatalmi Streets, in the south by Lilienblum Street and in the west by the streets of Neve Tzedek.
The compound is characterized by an array of purposes: residential, commercial, office buildings and public buildings.
These multiple purposes hold a potential for the creation of a fascinating urban space that will provide services to residents of the area as well as the entire city.

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