Rokach Compound

Rokach Compound, Tel Aviv

Type: public, commercial, open public spaces
Client: Tel Aviv municipality
Size: 350,000 square meters
Status: offer has been made

Bid to plan the Rokach Compound-
Ibn Gabirol- Yarkon River
Minimizing parking lot spaces and building underground lots will enable the creation of more green lungs.
The area has quite the potential to be transformed from the city's "back yard" into an urban gem.
The compound is in the close vicinity of a major intersection, as well as one of The City's main entrances and the City- Sea border, between the River and the Yarkon Park. The compound in its current state perpetuates the rift in the urban continuity between the new developing city in the north and the old city in the south.
One of the main goals in developing this area is mending this rift and achieving continuity. Connecting residential areas in the north and south, the old Yarkon Park with the new Yarkon Estuary Park, old with new, sea with river and city with sea.
The complexity of the area necessitates a gradual change but nevertheless it is advisable to evaluate the big picture and strive to achieve the goal in order to realize the potential this area holds.


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