The Big Block "Hagush Hagadol"

The Big Block "Hagush Hagadol", Tel Aviv

Type: residential and open public spaces
Client: Tel Aviv municipality
Size: 3500 square meters
Status: planning completed in 2009

An architectural design plan updating the zoning plan created in the 90s by Rechter Architects for The Big Block.
For various historical reasons the neighborhoods alongside Levi Eshkol road, the main traffic artery, were not build in a continuous urban fashion but as suburban neighborhoods with centers located in a distance from the main route. These circumstances seriously curbed the activity along Levi Eshkol Rd and prevented the development of an active urban space throughout the years.
The goal of the plan is to revitalize the public space in the neighborhood and increase the "urban feel" as a continuous part of the city of Tel Aviv.
• Strengthening of Levi Eshkol Rd as a public space for the use of the community. The Road, combined with open spaces alongside it will be continuous to The City's construction. The buildings' façades facing Levi Eshkol Rd will enrich the street by creating a dual space on the bottom floors that will include community functions and will allow a connection with the street.
• Utilizing open spaces to create an active community existence. The planning will allow meeting points with rich landscaping creating an infrastructure for a vibrant community life.

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