Shas 3- Migdal 6

Shas 3- Migdal 6, Neve Tzedek

Type: residential
Size: 10 residential units+ commerce, approximately 2000 square meters
Status: in licensing

On H'amered square in Neve Tzedek, between Shas and Migdal Streets, in a historically preserved area a 2000 square meter, ten units residential project is planned.
The project will consist of two buildings built on two lots with adjoining lobbies and stairwell.
On the small lot the building will consist of four units on two floors, with a basement and garret. On the big lot the building will consist of six units on three floors, with a basement, garret and commercial space.
The bottom floor facing Ha'mered Street will have commercial spaces and in the rest of the ground level floor garden apartments will be built.

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