Ganey Shapira, Tel Aviv

Type: affordable housing
Client: Tel Aviv Municipality
Size: 10,000 square meters, 69 residential units.
Status: construction completed in 2014

The project won the 2015 Rokach prize
and the 2018 Architecture Prize.

The “Ganei Shapira” project was built on a 1 Acre plot, owned by the Tel Aviv municipality. It is located between Turi Zahav street and De Modina street. The project encompass 69 apartments which available for rent under the Affordable Housing scheme.
In planning the project, a special emphasis was given to the open communal spaces and to the neighborhood's green spaces.
We examined several planning alternatives for the project. The chosen plan has the highest potential to enable the community to evolve as a real collegial neighborhood, in the spirit of old times a kind of an "Urban Kibbutz".
The centre of the project is the communal space in the middle which serves as a passage through the project to the park and as the entrance area to the buildings.
The space also serves as a natural continuation to and from the green spaces through which the residents can reach De Modina Garden.
This architectural design is a modern interpretation of the “Shikun” residential housing projects that were built during the years of the massive immigration to Israel (1950-1960).
This project presents a truly unique opportunity whereby the Tel Aviv municipality provides a substantial plot for the benefit of the community. It is important that such an opportunity be properly used, both for affordable housing for the middle class and as lever of urban and population renewal of the Shapira area.

photography: Shai Epstein